Know MIANGO and the DIKALO Program.

 Who are we?
We are the defenders and volunteers of human rights. The rights that are concerned with our
actions, covers largely civil and political rights, socio-economic and cultural rights, collective
rights such as those that have been defined by the different international instruments.
Miango is an African Platform for human rights. Initiated by future-afrique consulting, it is
been piloted by a consortium of African N.G.Os under the patronage of REDHAC, of NDH-
Cameroon, of CENTRE CEFODEP, of Mandela Center International and of Solutions
Miango is having an African vocation and is having as an ambition to be the ideal solution to
boast the respect of human rights on the continent. The platform is independent from all
political ideologies, of all economic interest and from any religious interest. There will be
henceforth no public or private institution that can hide or run from our vigilance.
The partners involve in the implementation phase of the pilot platform Miango are:
 Centre CEFODEP Technical monitoring manager (leader)
 REDHAC (Network of the Defenders of Human Rights in Central Africa). country
supervision of Miango
 Mandela Center International
 Nouveaux Droits de l’Homme
 Solutions Cameroon.
For the pilot phase, Miango-Cameroon will focus on the regions affected with crisis. For that,
the member organisations for the coalition of civil society for human rights and peace in the
NW/SW are operational associates of the pilot phase (see the data base of the members of the
CSO coalition)

By dp@mM47